Werner Schach is the new first chairman of the Haisterkirch men’s choir

Haisterkirch – The annual general meeting of the Haisterkirch men’s choir on Sunday morning (November 20) was again held at the SVH club. After eight years, Siegfried Merk was the first member of the management board to hand over the management position to someone else. Werner Schach was unanimously elected as his successor.

The first president, Siegfried Merk, was pleased with the good turnout. 36 members arrived. He also welcomed Mayor Rosa Eisele, MCH Honorary Conductor Barny Bitterwolf, Honorary Chairman Erwin Kübler and Roland Braig, first chairman of SV Haisterkirch.

commemoration of the dead
Ahead of the presentation of the 2021 financial year, the assembly stood up to honor the memory of three MCH members Max Fink, Helmut Frick and Maria Hart who passed away last year.
One of the main points of Siegfried Merk’s activity report was his remark at the beginning: “Anyone who hoped that club life would become easier in 2021 due to the Coronavirus quickly learned something else.” only videoconferencing (David Bösl, Christine Wetzel). All scheduled performances, even at the end of the year, had to be cancelled. Traditional meetings on the occasion of birthdays and banquet retreats also fell victim to the pandemic.

138 supporting members
Siegfried Merk described the current level of membership as satisfactorily stable. Current state: 182 members, including 44 active singers and 138 passive members (sponsors).

He especially thanked those responsible for the local administration, the parish, the board and the choir director Katrin Reichle for exemplary musical commitment.

In his summary of the year, Rafael Grabherr, CFO of the men’s choir, described in detail the entire development of the budget and, as usual, divided into intangible, commercial and functional areas. Although there was no income or expenditure in the economic sphere, Rafael Grabherr was able to point out that the past financial year ended with a satisfactory growth in the intangible sphere thanks to membership fees, a Corona grant from the choir association of 1,100 euros and at the same time a generous donation from another singer Wolfgang Gustke. Not without significance was also the waiver of fees by the choir conductor.

The cash register was inspected by Elmar Blaser and Werner Hirsch. Cashier Rafael Grabherr has been certified for the correct and clear management of cash transactions. He got a lot of applause for that.

“we are back”
Choir director Katrin Reichle limited her report to the present and future. She was especially pleased with the good attendance at rehearsals. “We’re back, we’re still here. We are well prepared for the upcoming church events,” says her positive attitude. At the moment, the choir director is already coordinating the dates for the post-Christmas period.
Mayor Rosa Eisele proposed a discharge for the entire board. It was unanimous.

The electoral line was taken over by Roland Braig, who was pleased that a good preparatory work had been done for the impending leadership change, as first chairman Siegfried Merk and secretary Franz Maucher (both in their offices since March 2014) and Matthias Covic as assessor (since 2016 – currently heavily involved in local politics) did not run in elections anymore. By a happy coincidence, candidates were found for these expensive honorary positions, who were then elected unanimously and with great applause. As a result: first president Werner Schach, secretary Ralf Weber, assessor Manfred Merk, Elmar Blaser were reappointed as auditors.

Before Werner Schach closed the meeting, it was decided on the necessary amendment to the statutes (36 votes in favour, 1 abstention).

Barny Bitterwolf and Katrin Reichle
As you know, the choir community has existed since 1988; since 1991 as a registered association. Throughout the MCH period (ie for 34 years) Barny Bitterwolf (20 years) and Katrin Reichle (now a dozen years) led the choir to great musical successes.
Text and photos: Rudi Martin

Board 2022/23 (from left): Assessor Sebastian Ruther, Deputy Chairman Alfred Ruf, First Chairman Werner Schach, Treasurer Rafael Grabherr, Secretary Ralf Weber and Choir Director Katrin Reichle.

Say goodbye to their posts with grateful applause: secretary Franz Maucher, first chairman Siegfried Merk, assessor Matthias Covic, all three of whom remain active singers.

4FM Covic Thank You Gift by W. Schach re

Thanks to Mathias Covic. Franz Maucher and Siegfried Merk are specially dismissed from their offices.

2 Perspectives by Katrin Reichle

Choir director Katrin Reichle during her speech. She is confident that the forced break in Korona did not harm the long-term development of the thriving club.

3Attentive listeners

Attentive listeners.

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