Basketball: Schröder’s NBA debut: “Prove nothing, nothing, zero”

Status: 21/11/2022 09:04 Dennis Schröder knows the NBA well. The captain of the national team is playing his tenth season in the best league in the world. He doesn’t feel like he has to prove anything yet. The tenth NBA season started late for Dennis Schröder. The 29-year-old national basketball team captain only made his … Read more

Basketball EM: Germany lose the semi-finals against Spain

The gold dream is over! Despite another impressive performance, the German basketball players narrowly missed out on their first European Championship final in 17 years. The team around the excellent captain Dennis Schröder had to admit defeat against world champion Spain on Friday evening in Berlin by 91:96 (51:46). The chance to win the first … Read more

Kristiyan Borisov, SV Fellbach, Basketball: With eyes everywhere – local sports

Kristiyan Borisov keeps an eye on everything at SV Fellbach. Photo: Maximilian Hamm Kristiyan Borisov, 34, has been the youth coordinator of the SV Fellbach basketball team since this season and at the same time assistant to head coach Iakovos Peidis for men in the regional premier league. Basketball is his life. On this Monday … Read more

Elias Rödl at US College in the footsteps of Father Henrik

November 24, 2022 at 11:44 a.m. basketball : Rödl and the American Dream Selfie with his son: Ex-TBB and national coach Henrik Rödl with Elias Rödl, who studies and plays at US College. Photo: Henrik Rodl truce Elias Rödl, son of former Trier coach Henrik Rödl, now plays in the United States. How he likes … Read more

VT Zweibrücken loses narrowly in Rockenhausen

Nov 23, 2022 at 5:51 p.m. National Basketball Division VT Zweibrücken : After a thriller between pride and annoyance Despite a frantic race to catch up in the last quarter, the basketball players of VT Zweibrücken around Johann Klein (in front) had to admit defeat in the state league’s showpiece game in Rockenhausen. Photo: Martin … Read more

Two games, two wins: Dennis Schröder is back with the LA Lakers

Basketball pro Dennis Schröder can claim something for himself that his team is being denied: a successful start to the season. Thanks thumb. The point guard has played twice so far and the Lakers have won twice. Schröder missed the first 13 games with a thumb injury, including surgery, so he can’t be used for … Read more

Basketball: SC Rist Wedel triumphs in the regional derby

basketball SC Rist Wedel triumphs in the regional derby Updated: 21/11/2022, 20:44 | Reading time: 5 minutes Wedel’s top scorer Harrison Cleary (right) starts the two-point shot. Photo: Manningeaux / Winfried Meininghaus The Pro-B basketball players beat the Itzehoe Eagles 96-92 at home. Wedeler is again among the dams =tqbo dmbttµ#bsujdmf“mpdbujpo#?Xfefm/’octq´=0tqbo? Ejf =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/bcfoecmbuu/ef0sfhjpo0qjoofcfsh0tqpsu`2480bsujdmf3479164120Cbtlfucbmmfs.eft.TD.Sjtu.Xfefm.tdiovqqfsu.Cvoeftmjhb.Mvgu/iunm# ujumfµ#xxx/bcfoecmbuu/ef#?Qsp.C.Cbtlfucbmmfs … Read more

World Cup qualification: Basketball festival year ends with World Cup ticket

Status: 12/11/2022 09:28 Bronze at the European Championships, starting place for the World Cup: German basketball is back on track under national coach Gordon Herbert. The success of the year 2022 should only be the beginning. Christian Sengfelder and Co. wanted nothing to do with a dream World Cup trip to Asia after mastering qualification. … Read more

Giffey’s explosive move puts him in a sticky spot himself

Niels Giffey and Alba Berlin – who have been good friends for years. But now the national player plays for the great rival – and finds himself in scheduling difficulties. In fact, Niels Giffey should be in Bamberg these days. In the former German basketball stronghold, the national team is currently preparing for the World … Read more

Isaac Humphries: The basketball pro has an emotional outing and receives millions of support

“Basically, start a new life” The basketball professional has a moving coming out 11/18/2022, 12:22 PM (updated) Isaac Humphries is a gay professional basketball player. Struggling with his own sexuality, the Australian is on the verge of suicide, and he lives a secret life for a long time. Now he has his coming out. And … Read more