Basketball: Durant pushes back NBA record deals

According to the media, wants to leave the Brooklyn Nets: Kevin Durant. Photo: John Minchillo/AP/dpa With the transfer window open, the craziest time of the year begins for NBA fans: teams can officially agree new player deals. A superstar creates the most excitement. New York — Despite all the mega deals, most of the attention … Read more

Basketball – Durant puts NBA record deals behind the scenes – sport

New York (AP) — Despite all the mega deals, Kevin Durant received the most attention on day one of the NBA’s open transfer window. Because the 33-year-old superstar, one of the best basketball players in history, wants to leave the Brooklyn Nets. He had made that wish to the team, US mainstream media reported, citing … Read more

NBA Playoffs: Brooklyn Nets also lose Match 3 to the Boston Celtics

The Brooklyn Nets also lost a first-round match 3 against the Boston Celtics and are close to the playoffs. At 109: 103, Jayson Tatum was the guest side player while the Nets duo Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving remained largely pale. In addition, Brooklyn has made too many mistakes. Brooklyn Nets (7) – Boston Celtics … Read more

NBA Playoffs – Boston Celtics star again Kevin Durant: “Durant’s Rules”

Kevin Durant has played two weak games in a row against the Boston Celtics. How did this come about, and what makes the Boston Celtics defense so good against the Nets star? Kevin Durant has played nearly 1,100 regular and playoff games in his illustrious career, the 33-year-old has been on the pitch for over … Read more

The Boston Celtics take out Kevin Durant and celebrate his return to victory over the Brooklyn Nets

The Boston Celtics also won their second home game against the Brooklyn Nets. The basis for this was a strong defensive performance in the second half, thanks to which the 17 point deficit could still be reversed. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in particular did not have a physical defense response. Boston won 114-107. Durant … Read more

Kyrie hits and hits! Irving and Kevin Durant lead the Brooklyn Nets to the Playoffs of the Eastern Conference

Thanks to the phenomenal Kyrie Irving, the Brooklyn Nets beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 115-108. Steve Nash’s side is the seventh player to advance to the Playoffs of the Eastern Conference. Brooklyn Nets (7) – Cleveland Cavaliers (8) 115: 108 (BOXSCORE) There the Nets meet the Boston Celtics in the first round, who finished second in … Read more

NBA: High career 55 points! The Atlanta Hawks are opposed to the amazing Kevin Durant

Despite Kevin Durant having the best results in his personal career, the Brooklyn Nets cannot win in Atlanta. Golden State Warriors defeat Jazz in an amazing comeback. Philadelphia 76ers (47-30) – Charlotte Hornets (40-38) 144: 114 (BOXSCORE) After three straight defeats at Sixers, frustration grew. They found the right balance in the third quarter: the … Read more