Fewer paper files: 4 out of 42 Thuringian courts use electronic procedural documents

The goal: From 2026, all courts and prosecutors in Thuringia should be able to do without paper files. From this year, new procedures to be entered throughout Thuringia are to be handled electronically. The next court that changes trains is the district court of Mühlhausen. It should start in March. By then, the data network … Read more

Professional at DHfK Leipzig: Lucas Krzikalla: Going out in the handball Bundesliga

Status: 01.10.2022 09:06 Lucas Krzikalla has long been the figurehead of SC DHfK Leipzig. He has been playing handball in this club for more than ten years. Is a house, cherished by the public and committed to the next generation. He once made the move to the Bundesliga with the DHfK and now he wants … Read more

Lucas Krzikalla: Out of the Cover – Coming Out in the Handball Bundesliga

Family, friends and SC DHfK Leipzig teammates already know this. Professional handball player Lucas Krzikalla now shares with the public his outing as a gay athlete. In the “Sport in the East” documentary “Out of Cover”, he talks openly about his motivations, his fears, his safety and the people who supported him. And also on … Read more

Teamcheck Niners Chemnitz: Completely renewed and with humility

Status: 09/27/2022 5:20 p.m. The Niners Chemnitz surprised many basketball pundits in the 2021/22 season and mostly talked about strong performances on the ground. That’s why you don’t look like the mountains in Chemnitz. On the contrary: The Niners approach the start of the season this weekend against Göttingen with humility. The team check from … Read more

Sport with a dog: Which sports are suitable?

As a rule, dog owners cannot complain about a lack of exercise. But sport still remains by the wayside for many. Joint fitness training promises all sorts of benefits – for people and Animal. 5 good reasons to exercise together Sports together build trust between humans and animals. Sport trains the social behavior of the … Read more

handball | European Championship: SC Magdeburg lose spectacular European Championship final against Lisbon

Status: 05/29/2022 10:53 p.m. A defeat in the European League final cost SC Magdeburg their second title chance this season. In a dramatic match against Benfica Lisbon, the SCM finally had to admit defeat. In front of 6,000 spectators, coach Bennet Wiegert’s team lost a crazy match in the Portuguese capital with 39:40 (32:32, 14:15) … Read more

Digitization: bumpy start to the electronic patient record

Medical practices are therefore dependent on suppliers of technical equipment. For example, three companies developed the connectors. This turned out to be a technical bottleneck. Although there is a legal obligation that practices must offer the ePA from July 1, even practices that wanted to could not do so in all cases: the company responsible … Read more

handball | Bundesliga: “Writing history” – SC Magdeburg before the German championship

Status: 06/02/2022 07:54 One point is enough and SC Magdeburg would crown their fabulous season with the first German league title in 21 years. Coach Bennet Wiegert is a firm believer in success and wants nothing to do with the nervous wavering. The drama of Lisbon is forgotten, the focus is only on the big … Read more

Podcast: All the background on BBL’s new media deal with S-Nation and Christian Seifert

Over 150 comments under the Twitter post – and none of them are really positive. The response to the new media rights agreement between the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) and S-Nation Media has been devastating. Rarely in the past has a league decision made so much noise. On the one hand, because many fans criticize the … Read more

Football: RW Erfurt soars to regional league – season ends prematurely

Erfurt top the Oberliga Süd standings with a six-point lead over VFC Plauen. The Vogtländer have also played two more games and only six games are still open. Erfurt, on the other hand, have eight games left and can only score 24 points at best. Hopefully Erfurt will celebrate the championship at the start of … Read more