Data comparison between the Lotus Eletre and the BMW iX M60 electric SUV

Data comparison Lotus Eletre vs BMW iX M60 The Lotus is usually slightly ahead Lotus Eletre vs. BMW iX M60: Long before the two electric SUVs hit the market, they go head-to-head here in a data duel – with surprising results. So now it’s unveiled, the Lotus Eletre. And with it an automobile that breaks … Read more

Lotus Emira: driving report of the new sports car

Actually a glove box. Space for two drinks in the center console. Storage compartments in the doors. A mobile phone tray worthy of the name, electric parking brake, key-in-pocket ignition, cruise control, drowsiness alert, lane change assistant, Apple Car Play, Android Auto. This is normal for 99% of manufacturers, but a revolution for Lotus. The … Read more