Basketball: Why “Jaro” Hanzalek left TVM – news from Memmingen

Jaroslav Hanzalek was a member of the TV Memmingen basketball team for nearly 20 years. Then he moved to BG Illertal. Now he gives the reasons for his departure. A report by our editorial team, which dealt with the current situation among TV Memmingen (TVM) basketball players this weekend, caused a stir. As reported, longtime … Read more

Young talent from Memmingen wins German U14 Championship with Ulm – Memmingen News

Valentin Abens from TV Memmingen can also compete for the offspring of Ratiopharm Ulm. Basketball wasn’t really his first choice. From football to basketball: for Valentin, now 14, it was “only” a trial lesson in another team sport, as his mother Tatjana Abens explains, a mischievous smile to the lips. “I started playing football at … Read more

Ottobeur’s handball players now in the second Bundesliga – news from Memmingen

Tim Kaulitz, 20, wants to set accents as a newcomer to second division club SG BBM Bietigheim. His coach is a former world-class player. Handball player Tim Kaulitz (20) from Ottobeuren will play for SG BBM Bietigheim in the second Bundesliga. Kaulitz has signed a professional contract with the Württembergs, valid for the coming season. … Read more