Forest fire in the Harz mountains under control | Free press

Numerous fire brigades fight and capture a forest fire in the Harz National Park. The terrain and many dead trees make firefighting work difficult. Help comes from the air. Wernigerode. It’s windy, the water waves, splashes: every few minutes, a fire helicopter appears over the Mandelholz Dam in the Harz Mountains and takes water to … Read more

Election campaign in Waldachtal: KSK member takes part in the mayoral election – Horb & surroundings

Nikolaus Geiger, 47, applied for the municipal elections on October 9, 2022 in Waldachtal. Photo: Wagner “In an election, there must be a choice of several candidates”, explains Nikolaus Geiger, 47, who stood in the municipal elections on October 9 in Waldachtal. Waldachtal – But that’s not the only reason why Geiger is running for … Read more

Spectacularly unstable – basketball – Badische Zeitung

The basketball players in crisis of USC Freiburg want to make the leap from the second to the first regional league. At the end of a mixed and difficult season, the basketball players of USC Friborg in the 2nd regional league have the chance this Sunday to put the estrangement of the season behind them … Read more

Jürgen Stempfle takes a break – SWR Aktuell

The national mayors team played against Poland on Sunday. The mayor of Böbingen, Jürgen Stempfle, was also present. But why is he pausing now? Jürgen Stempfle (independent) from Böbingen in the district of Ostalb has been playing for the national football team for five years, not in that of national coach Hansi Flick, but in … Read more